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Chiropractic care is the health profession that concerns itself with the detection and subsequent correction of vertebral subluxation.

It is a fact that very few of us receive very much information and education concerning our spine and nerve system. Many of us are not told how the spine works and the role it plays, not only as part of our skeletal structure, but also and probably most importantly, the role the spine plays in the protection of the spinal cord and spinal nerves. It is the nerve system that controls and coordinates all the organs and structures of the human body.

Very few people have ever heard of a vertebral subluxation. Many people are not aware that a vertebral subluxation can significantly reduce the amount of nerve signal flowing in the spinal nerves. 

This in turn can effect the very function of that part of the body, that nerve is trying to innervate. It is the accumulation of the daily stresses of life that cause vertebral subluxation.   Physical stress like bad falls, car accidents and poor posture, etc. can
cause vertebral subluxation. Emotional pressure and worry also puts stress on the nerve system. And finally the chemical stresses of life, living in an environment with many toxins, also can cause vertebral subluxations. 

These stresses can all combine to put stress on the spine. To complicate matters even further, many vertebral subluxations are present without the individual feeling any back pain or symptom to alert them that something may be wrong in their spine.

As a chiropractor in Medicine Hat, my area of speciality is as noted above—the detection and subsequent correction of vertebral subluxation. Vertebral subluxations are corrected by administering gentle, safe and effective spinal adjustments.  Chiropractic adjustments release, in increments, the accumulated spinal stress. This helps to return proper spinal function and nerve flow, by decreasing the degree and severity of vertebral subluxations.

If you have never had your spine and nerve system examined by a chiropractor, please consider allowing me the privilege of doing so. The health benefits of chiropractic care can be amazing!